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A Selective Bibliography

Do you have any Boy Scout or Girl Scout books? Do you collect them? Or would you just like to know more about the literature of Scouting and the books by the founders of the movement? There are a number of excellent reference books. It is our intention to provide here a list of some of these books with a brief summary of each which collectors and others may find useful when looking for information about books associated with the Scouting movement. We will be adding to this list as time permits, so bookmark this page and check back often for updates, or simply subscribe for announcements by email on our Special Offers page. We welcome any suggestions for additions to this list, or any comments you have about these and other useful reference books related to Boy Scout and Girl Scout literature. Just send us an email with any information you would like considered.

Fisk, Chuck and Doug Bearce, COLLECTING SCOUTING LITERATURE, A Collector's Guide to Boy Scout Fiction and Non-Fiction, Second Revised Edition, Salem, OR: privately published, 1990, 183 pp. A comprehensive annotated bibliography of Boy Scout literature. It includes bibliographies of the founders including Lord Baden Powell, Dan Beard, W. D. Boyce, Frank Cheley, James I. Crump, William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt, Ernest Thompson Seton, and James West. All of the official BSA publications are listed with very useful information about editions, printings, and number of copies (when known). Boy Scout fiction authors and books are also included, as well as unofficial, related works, and a number of reference books for collectors of Scouting memorabilia, especially patches. This is an indispensable reference book for researchers, collectors, and those with even a casual interest in Boy Scout literature.

Miller, Don W., EVERYBOY'S LIBRARY, Boy Scout Edition, Sarasota, FL: Scout Memorabilia Magazine, Vol. 16 No. 1, 1981, reprint. 8 ½ " x 11", 8 pp. This article reprint provides a good introduction to the Types I, II and III of the books published in this series, as well as the variations of each. These are the widely recognized categorizations for the series among dealers and collectors. It also includes a checklist of the books and their variations.

Price, Joseph, KAHUNAS KATALOG OF BOY SCOUTING HANDBOOKS, Including the: Boy Scout Handbook, Scoutmasters Handbook, Patrol Leaders Handbook, Patrol and Troop Leadership, Scouts Fieldbook, Scoutmasters Fieldbook, How Book of Scouting, Field Book. Upland, CA: privately published, May, 1989, Second edition, 1 st printing. Looseleaf in 3 ring binder. 328 pp. A comprehensive, annotated bibliography with a detailed analysis of both verified and unverified versions of each edition and printing of the listed handbooks published by the Boy Scouts of America. It includes black and white photocopies of the covers of each edition and printing, as well as number of copies printed, and price guides. Also includes comparison with Tanner's bibliographical work on the subject, and discussion of the divergence between the two references.

Price, Joseph, KAHUNAS KATALOG OF THE EVERY BOY'S LIBRARY , Upland, CA: privately published, 1990. 1 st edition, 1 st printing, August, 1990. Looseleaf, in 3 ring binder. 578 pp. This is an excellent, scholarly work of investigative bibliographical research. It is annotated with extensive notes and detailed explanations of variations, printings and editions of all 73 titles in the series. Includes an excellent explanation of the history of the series originally intended as a method of fund raising by the Boy Scouts of America. This work also includes a guide for estimating values of the books in this series.

Price, Joseph, KAHUNAS KATALOG OF MERIT BADGE PAMPHLETS , Upland, CA: privately published, 1998. 2 nd edition, 1 st printing, May, 1998. Looseleaf, in 3 ring binder. Unpaginated, estimated over 600 pp. This is a comprehensive listing and annotated bibliography and price guide of the merit badge pamphlets published by the Boy Scouts of America from 1918 to the present. It includes photocopies of the covers and an explanation of categorization into types and variations. With the changing requirements for earning the merit badges over the years, and the adding of new ones, and discontinuation of others, this is an invaluable reference work for collectors.

Stevenson, James G., A COLLECTORS BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ROBERT BADEN-POWELL, ERNEST THOMPSON SETON, DANIEL CARTER BEARD , Sarasota, FL: Scout Memorabilia Magazine, Vol. 8 No. 5, 1973, reprint, 1979. 8 ½ " x 11", 8 pp. These are the founders of the Scouting movement and the Boy Scouts of America. They were prolific, established authors well before the birth of the organizations they started. This article is illustrated with black and white photographs of the subjects and photocopies of two of the first edition Boy Scouts of America Handbook. The article lists books, pamphlets and periodicals written by, or with contributions by these authors. Also listed are biographical and bibliographical references. While not an annotated, detailed descriptive bibliography, it is a very good, comprehensive checklist of works by and about the subjects.

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